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Thermodynamic Heat Pump
& EcoSystem

Harnessing Nature for Sustainable Comfort

The Hyrax Thermodynamic Heat Pump & EcoSystem


  • Lower your energy consumption, energy costs, and CO2 emissions

  • Maintain the level of comfort you desire with hot water, heating, and cooling all on demand

  • Hyrax draws on free energy in the environment as through ambient temperature 


  • Hyrax is scalable to support any size property  


  • Install on everything from domestic to complex large-scale industrial-focused properties 


  • Paired with PV solar panels to go off grid


  • Exclusive patented and automated Rapid Defrost system that doesn't need energy intensive and expensive periods of defrosting

  • Hyrax Ecosystem products can cumulatively enhance performance further when used together than when used individually 


  • Mix and match the elements of the ecosystem that suit your individual needs

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CO2 Savings

An average UK home could reduce its CO2 emissions by 1.4 tonnes a year


Why not try out EcoPlanAdviser. 

EcoPlanAdviser, is an AI-powered plain language tool designed to provide information and insights on various environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems and issues to consider when considering installing one.

Hyrax EcoSystem


Commercial Retro-fit


Domestic Retro-Fit Systems

New Build Domestic


New Build



Special Projects & Listed Buildings

In the World

Our Projects

Over the last decade Hyrax has been installed and tested across the UK providing hot water and heating to a wide range of private and corporate customers with systems ranging from 1 to 80+ panels. It has been installed on new builds, and retro fitted to domestic properties, to farms, hotels, gym facilities, swimming pools, and restaurants. The proven and patented Hyrax technology has significant benefits over other green energy systems for properties and is used by a credible customer base.

A Unique Green Technology

Hyrax in Stats


of kWhs of Energy Saved


Sectors Supported



Works 24hrs a Day

Works in temperatures as low as


Years in the making


As Little as 3 Years Payback

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