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About Us

Putting Hyrax at the Centre of the Green Revolution

As a global population, we're moving towards a net zero world, while also trying to save money on our own individual energy bills. We believe Hyrax can play a larger role in achieving this than almost any other green technology currently readily available. 

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the panel that can heat your home & water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year come rain or shine


For over a decade we have been developing and testing Hyrax as we further our goal of providing sustainable and green heating and hot water to all.


Hyrax is a UK developed and manufactured thermodynamic panel and heat pump system unique among green heating technologies. 


Climatic conditions in the UK and Northern Europe contain vast amounts of energy in the form of solar irradiance, along with energy in the air from wind, rain, and snow.

The Hyrax technology has been developed to heat water by capturing as much free energy from the environment as possible, predominantly thought ambient temperature and rain allowing it to operate year round, without issue in sub-zero temperatures or the dark.


Hyrax represents a step change in SAHP technology by incorporating our patented technology. This, along with its ability to be scaled almost endlessly so that it works for both domestic and industrial settings, while only operating when necessary to maintain water temperature to ensure users have hot water and heating on demand, makes it one of the most advanced and efficient renewable energy products available today.


We have put over a decade of development and experience into Hyrax to ensure its market leading design and technology, so that it can always provide hot water and heating on demand not matter the circumstances.


Central to all we do are our partners. To this end we believe in building strong relationships with trusted partners to ensure that our customers always have the best service and support they deserve.

Driving Development for a Greener Tomorrow

The world and technology doesn't stand still, and nor do we. We are constantly developing new versions of Hyrax to ensure that the system remains at the forefront of green technology through its efficiency, data tools, and developing systems for new markets where green technology often has proved difficult to apply.

Our Mission

Affordable & Greener Hot Water and Heating for All

No one should have to choose between the basic human needs of warmth and hot water, their wallet, or the environment. 

Warmth, like good nutrition, is key to our mental health and the healthy development of our children and families. If we are to ensure our children have a safe and stable future we must also ensure they inherit a world not stricken with the ravages of climate change. But one that balances humanities needs and those of mother nature.

While the energy crisis has been experienced globally, it has also brought home how the security and sustainability of our energy are inextricably interwoven. Generating abundant low-cost, clean energy at home and in the work place can help to safeguard us against future energy shortages and, at the same time, turbocharge our transition to net zero.

We believe Hyrax has a central role to play in achieving and speeding this development.  

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