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CO2 Savings with Hyrax

You can use this calculator to approximate the annual Kg reduction of CO2 that a Hyrax Thermodynamic Heat Pump could lead to for your Carbon Footprint. 

Please note that this is an approximation tool only. The figures of the CO2 for all fossil fuels are based on the whole process, including fuel extraction, manufacture and distribution of the resource. In addition, the figure for grid electricity is for general grid produced electricity of which coal is the major fuel used. Source for CO2 per Kg is the Carbon Trust (2013 & 2022). 

To use this calculator to get an approximate annual saving you will need to know the following information: 

  • The efficiency of your current heating system (see our guide for gas boilers SCOP)

  • kWh bought per annum (e.g. kWh of gas purchased last year)


Being on a 100% green or carbon-neutral utility supply contract means that all the energy you receive comes from renewable sources or that any carbon emissions associated with your energy usage are offset through investments in carbon reduction projects, ensuring minimal environmental impact and a sustainable energy future.


By using the calculator you are acknowledging your acceptance of the Terms of Use.

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