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Our Projects

A Decade of Projects

Over the last decade Hyrax has been installed and tested across the UK providing hot water and heating to a wide range of private and corporate customers, from new builds, and retro fitting domestic properties, to farms, hotels, gym facilities, swimming pools, and restaurants. Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the proven and patented Hyrax technology has significant benefits over other green energy systems for properties and is used by a credible customer base.

Case Studies & Testimonials

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The Environment Agency Canteen

The project objective was to replace the existing 1500 litre calorifier, which supplied hot water to the onsite restaurant  (and dated from the mid-70s) with a system designed to provide a more energy efficient hot water solution. 


The Hyrax Solar system was selected as an innovative system to trial, a system that worked in all weathers and could cope with fluctuating demands given the site did not have a 7 day demand. Hyrax designed and supplied a 10 x panel system for installation.


  • The water quality issues previously had which resulted in high maintenance requirements for the control of legionella were removed

  • Since the system has been operational the restaurant has maintained a plentiful supply of hot water 

  • Current estimates (based on sub meter readings) suggest that the new Hyrax system and the reduced stored hot water capacity will result in an annual carbon reduction saving of 9 tonnes, a kWh reduction of 17,520 and a cost saving of approx. £6,000 (based 2022 per kWh costs)

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