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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

and their Answers

With all the stories about the inefficiencies and running costs of ASHPs, why is Hyrax any better?

Hyrax is a Solar Assisted Heat Pump, not an air source heat pump. This is not just a difference in terminology but represents a huge difference in the way the systems operate. Differences that mean Hyrax, with its patented rapid defrost, and its unique panel design, by design nullifies the issues that ASHPs have.


Other than the panels all parts of the Hyrax system are internal to the property meaning that they do not suffer from degradation by the environment or needing to be defrosted for long periods of energy intensive time, time when the building is not being heated. An ASHP can spend hours a week defrosting itself, Hyrax only takes 2 minuets every 6 hours and is no more energy intensive when doing so than it is when normally operating.


Hyrax also has no moving parts in the system meaning that far less energy is needed for the system to operate making it cheaper to run and greener for the environment. Hyrax does not use a fan to draw in air, instead Hyrax absorbs solar irradiance making use of temperature differentials. This extra free environment-based energy input increases efficiency by speeding the phase change of the refrigerant, which is the key to how all heat pumps operate.

If Hyrax and Solar Assisted Heat Pumps are so good, why have I not heard of it before?

Like all technologies there are good versions and bad versions of it, we believe that Hyrax is the best SAHP on the market thanks to its unique design and defrost system enabling its efficiency and ability to be scaled almost endlessly to allow it to be used in settings and commercial instances that other SAHPs cannot.


They have not been widely used in the UK and colder climates, as a result they have not received government attention and grant support for domestic customers. As a result, there has been a lack of investment on the UK market. Hyrax has been specially designed to correct this and ensure that issues caused by the colder climate of the UK are not an issue for it.

Why is Hyrax able to work day and night unlike PV and Solar Thermal panels?

The Hyrax system works on the basis of the temperature difference between the outside (the ambient temperature) and the refrigerant in the panels. The panels are filled with refrigerant at -20°C meaning that even at night and in winter the temperature differential between the refrigerant and the ambient temperature is enough for the ambient temperature to warm the refrigerant. As the refrigerant warms it becomes a gas and the temperature energy that it stores is then transferred by the heat pump into the water heating it. This means the system is not reliant on heat from the sun.

Where can Hyrax be positioned and installed?

Hyrax can be installed anywhere outside, wall, roof, or a garden rack installation. It does not have to be orientated to face the sun, but it operates most effectively when not in the shade or facing north.


Panels can be placed internally in commercial and industrial settings where there is sufficient heat generated within a building, this can be used for heat reclaim. It is not suitable for domestic properties.

What temperature does Hyrax heat to?

Hyrax systems in domestic settings are set to the ideal temperature of 55°C. Commercial systems can be set to run higher.

Hyrax can be used to retrofit older buildings that are not so well insulated. How does this impact the efficiency of the system?

Buildings with poor insulation loose a large amount of energy, we can compensate for this with a bigger Hyrax system to provide enough heat.

What size Hyrax system will I need?

The size of Hyrax system you require depends on your hot water and heating needs, and the size and insulation of the building concerned. Your Hyrax approved installer will be able to advise you properly.  

What is the largest system that Hyrax can provide?

Hyrax is made available is systems with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 20 panels and can be scaled almost indefinitely by running multiple systems in relay to provide as much hot water and heating as necessary in a way that is flexible, resilient, and cost effective for our customers.

Can I pair Hyrax with renewable electricity generation and battery technology so that it is independent of the grid and 100% green?

YES. We are in the process of developing a new control system that can interface with several different heat and energy sources.

How often does the system operate for?

While the Hyrax system can operate day or night, it will only operate by kicking in to maintain the consistent temperature of the hot water stored in your water tank to ensure you always have hot water and heating on demand. 

How can I manage the way the system operates?

Hyrax is designed to run fully automatically and is pre-set at the factory. Users can change the water temperature function but are advised not to as this can impact Hyrax’s efficiency.

How noisy is Hyrax?

Hyrax is silent other than when the heat pump is operational, at which point it has a sound and noise level similar to that of a fridge.

How much money will I save using the system?

The cost savings and pay back time of Hyrax is different for all and is determined by how much hot water or heating is used by each Hyrax user and the contrast with their previous hot water and heating system.

What is the payback time?

The time it takes for your Hyrax system to be paid back depends on the scale of the system you have and how much it is used, but payback times as short as 2-3 years have been reported.

What is the lifetime of the system?

Maintained and services properly your Hyrax system should last approximately 20 years depending on how it is used.

Can I install a Hyrax System myself?

No. Given the sophisticated engineering, and the involvement of refrigerants, installers must legally be F-Gas certified. Additionally, we require all Hyrax installers to be trained and approved by us to ensure the quality of the work is high and unproblematic. Therefore Hyrax is sold only via our approved installer network.

What is the Hyrax installation cost?

Installation costs vary according to the size of the Hyrax system you require. The system is sold with installation and, for domestic properties, is comparable to the cost of an ASHP system and installation. Your installer will be able to provide you with a quote for an appropriate Hyrax system and its installation.

What level of maintenance and servicing is required?

Hyrax requires less maintenance than ASHPs as, except for the panels, the Hyrax system is internal to the property protecting it from the destructive impact of nature and the need to replace and maintain parts with any frequency.


You should have your Hyrax system serviced annually. As with its installation this should be by an F-Gas certified, and Hyrax approved individual to ensure the system is running properly, its lifetime managed correctly, and applicable warranties remain valid.

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