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How Much Can Hyrax Save Me on Heating Costs?

You can use this calculator to approximate the annual savings a Hyrax Thermodynamic Heat Pump could result in for you. 

Please note that this is an approximation tool only. Savings or otherwise, are influenced by the way an individual uses a Hyrax system and the cost of the electricity from your supplier, and what energy source you would be replacing with Hyrax and even by what energy source you use for cooking. 

To use this calculator to get an approximate annual saving you will need to know the following information: 

  • The efficiency of your current heating system (see our guide for gas boilers SCOP)

  • kWh bought per annum (e.g. kWh of gas purchased last year)

  • Current annual heating cost

By using the calculator you are acknowledging your acceptance of the Terms of Use.

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