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What Makes Hyrax Stand Out?

Hyrax Features & Benefits 

A thermodynamic heat pump like no other, the Hyrax System stands out among air to water heat pumps.

Hot Water on Demand

Countering the biggest complaint of most about green energy technologies, the system works by restarting to keep your water tanks full and at the pre-set temperature. It can even be set to heat to over 60°C for legionella control in commercial installations.

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Rapid Defrost

The patented Hyrax Rapid Defrost system automatically kicks in when an environmental trigger point is reached taking just 2 minutes every 6 hours. Find out more here.



Our panel is designed to increase the surface area and quantity of refrigerant travelling through the it for enabling more effective and efficient energy absorption.



No large fan to power, reducing the pump's electricity needs, wear and tear, and no fan to defrost.

Works Day or Night all Year Long

Because the Hyrax System is a thermodynamic heat pump, it works based on temperature differentials. This means that the system is not reliant on the sun, and will work any time of day or night all year long as long as there is a differential between the temperature of the environment and the refrigerant in the system.

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Indoor Heat


The heat pump is internal to the building meaning less maintenance issues and degradation of the system from environmental wear and tear and that the pump does not need defrosting. The only external part of the system are the passive panels.

Flexible & Scalable

The Hyrax System can be fitted portrait or landscape on roofs, walls, or on rack systems. Systems can be run in parallel to scale up almost endlessly.



High build quality is essential to the system remaining efficient and a long operational lifespan.

No Carbon Monoxide

No gas means there is no threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.



An average sized UK home could reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 1.4 tonnes a year for every year it uses a Hyrax System, or could reduce its CO2 emissions even further by going completely off grid by pairing it with PV.



All elements of the Hyrax system, even the refrigerant, are reusable or recyclable after a system is decommissioned and uninstalled. Read more about Hyrax's environmental commitment here.

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