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Environmentally Friendly Hot Water & Heating on Demand

Hyrax works Day & Night by capturing free energy from the environment 

A Thermodynamic Heat Pump like no other 

The Hyrax System works by absorbing the free latent energy in the surrounding environment and atmosphere, primarily ambient temperature, and converting it into hot water for DHW or space heating thanks to the temperature differential of the panels. 

Hyrax is able to operate efficiently at temperatures as low as -10°C in all weather conditions, day and night, in countries and conditions that are traditionally difficult environments for green heating technology.

Panels can be fitted portrait or landscape on a roof, wall or ground, enabling use on listed buildings, with a direct line to the sun not being necessary. All other elements of the system are inside, and with no fan and fewer moving parts than alternative heat pump systems, there is less resulting wear and maintenance issues.

Domestic & Industrial Applications

With Hyrax you can lower your home or commercial entity’s carbon emissions and bills.

Hyrax can be fitted to new or existing water based heating systems, including underfloor heating, be they in domestic properties or commercial, new builds, retrofitting existing buildings, listed properties, hotels, farms, nursing homes, restaurants, and industrial units. Hyrax will also heat your gym and swimming pool whether it is a commercial outfit or in a private residence.

This is all possible because the Hyrax system is scalable to an almost endless degree allowing for large industrial focused installations, and flexibility of use depending on a customers needs and how their requirements differ over the course of the year.

Hyrax also has the ability to heat to 60oC allowing commercial entities legionella controls to be reduced or removed.

Efficiency & Patented Technology

Hyrax panels are passive and feature a more efficient panel design with all other parts of the system internal to the building.


Our exclusive patented and automated Rapid Defrost system prevents the formation of ice on the panels while using very little energy to do so and keeping the system operating as efficiently as possible without expensive and energy intensive periods of defrosting.

Hyrax ensures its efficiency by keeping its operating time to only a bare minimum. By keeping the hot water stored at a pre-determined temperature. Hyrax is only operational to maintain it, rather than to heat water from cold. This reduces the operational time of the system, boosting efficiency while ensuring users have hot water or heating on demand just as they do with conventional fossil fuel systems.

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