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The Hyrax Science

Thermodynamic Heat Pump Principles

The Hyrax System is based on the principles of thermodynamic energy transfer by absorbing the free latent energy in the environment and converting that into hot water through the use of our thermodynamic panels filled with refrigerant and a heat pump.

The latent heat energy naturally found in the environment is absorbed into the refrigerant due to the refrigerant's temperature differential with the surrounding environment. This warms the refrigerant resulting in a phase change from saturated vapor to a gas as the refrigerant moves through the Hyrax thermodynamic panel.


The ambient refrigerant gas leaves the panel and enters the compressor. This increases the pressure which causes the temperature to become higher.


The compressed gas goes into a plate heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to water which is piped through the exchanger.

The now cooler gas then passes through a valve which reduces the pressure and causes the refrigerant gas to change back into a cold liquid. The cold refrigerant liquid goes back into the Hyrax thermodynamic panel and the cycle begins again.

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